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I’m Sarah Milchen!¬† I’m a dedicated personal trainer with a passion for inspiring others to lead active, healthy lives. I have a background in sports science and personal training, I transformed my own life and body and that fuels me to help others. Each bit of change I see in my clients drives me to do more to be a positive role model and influence in their lives!

Growing up, I struggled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I was never exposed to how to eat properly or exercise. However, I discovered a love for fitness and realized its impact on overall well-being. I recently had a terrible back injury and proper nutrition and careful training has me back to nearly 100%. I wouldn’t be where I am without BOTH! Fitness is one of the special things in life that once you get it… you just want to give it away! So I just want to share my experience and knowledge with my clients!

If you want to be able to achieve your dreams of feeling better, lose fat & gain muscle, or just build your confidence… You are at the right spot! Food for Fitness and I have partnered to bring you the best of both worlds… top notch nutrition geared to your preferences and needs AND physical fitness through the proper balance of strength training and cardio.

You can contact me via Instagram via @sarahmilchen or @throttleedgefitness

You can book personal training with me at

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