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Our Slow-Cooked Oven Roasted Turkey Is Turned Into A Tasty Fall Inspired Salad! Consisting Of Arcadian/Romaine blend,Topped w/House Made Cranberry Vinaigrette, Julienned Red Onions, Honey Roasted Walnuts,  2oz Of Roasted Root Veg And Of Course Our Sliced Turkey.


Herb Marinated Chicken w/Shredded Carrots, Black Beans, Corn, Pico de Gallo & a zesty Southwest dressing


Our marinated and roasted Top-Sirloin Steak, served over a bed of Arcadian Spring mix, topped with Julienned Red Onion, Blue Cheese, Craisins, and Garlic Croutons. Served with our House-Made Balsamic Dressing.